Wednesday, 9 August 2017

All In Black

Just recently a family member of mine died, her name was Ana Naugh Vatuvei. She had sort of bushy, curly hair which was grayish and white. She looked so little and skinny in side the brown coffin she was lying in. The colour of her skin was was light brown. When she was lying in her coffin her mouth was closed.

On the first day of the funeral, we couldn't make it so we went on the second day. The funeral was in Panmure next to a laundromat. When I walked into the funeral place I got a little fright because it was scary and it felt creepy. It was sad to see people close to her cry out loud.

It was nearly finished so it was time to kiss her. The first ones to kiss her were her actual family. Then it was the people who were close to the family, I was one of them. At first I felt confident to kiss her but when I got up I felt uncomfortable. When I kissed her she was really cold which made my lips cold. 

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Bella said...

Hi Malia

Great Academic words.
The way you write the story amazing.

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