Monday, 13 June 2016

My uncle Manu Vatuvei

Malo Lelei

My name is Malia and I go to Ruapotaka Primary School. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. I am Tongan. I like writing because I like learning new words. My learning goal this term is to read slowly and carefully and also to learn my 6-12 times tables.

My favourite game to play is building blocks. My favourite band is the Beach Boys. My favourite team in rugby is the Warriors because my uncle Manu Vatuvei plays in the Warriors.

I admire my family because they provide me with things that I need and they give me food to eat and little mix my favourite song from them is black magic. I love homemade butter chicken with rice. If I had a pets I would have two puppies and their names would be Chubby and Chloe.
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Jen&Chris said...

Hi Malia!

We are two students named Jennifer and Christina. Even though we live in Toronto, across the world, we are very similar. I mean, we both enjoy learning and absolutely love the Beach Boys!

Keep up the blog - we love hearing from you! It's clear that you're a great writer!

Keep up the math - you'll learn those 6-12 time tables!

~Jennifer and Christina

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